The Four (4) Types of Riders who Benefit from E-Bikes

E-Bikes are the biggest growing market in the world of cycling at the moment for good reason. Riders can go further, fast and with much less effort, taking everyday riding and boosting the experience tenfold. With the E-Bike scene booming, the bikes are becoming more refined and bikes are becoming more specific to each use. In this blog we take you through the different styles of bikes and how they benefit.

Who wants an E-Bike?

E-Bikes are popular amongst a huge variety of riders ranging from everyday commuters, experienced mountain bikers and people who require assistance to ride. Like every other bike on the market there are multiple different styles that have different functions that benefit different riders. Let’s take a look at the riders who can benefit from E-Bikes.

1. The Commuter

Commuting on an E-Bike makes the ride to and from work or to the shops extraordinarily easy. Thanks to requiring less effort you will no longer arrive sweaty and require a shower. The ride home is often dreaded after a hard day at the desk or in the workshop, an E-Bike allows you to cruise home with much less effort after a big day.

Packing books, computers and a change of clothes can really weigh down a bike in no time. With the assistance from the motor, even with the extra weight the bike feels like it has nothing but a rider on it. Many riders who once used their cars for small trips have swapped the steering wheel for handlebars thanks to E-Bikes and their efficiency.

2. The Mountain Biker

Riding bikes uphill in order to go back down is a massive chore to some. Grinding up hills slowly can be mundane and unenjoyable on some bigger travel bikes it is inescapable. E-Bikes transform big hitting bikes into spritely mountain goats on the ups. Climbing now takes skill and attention as you are hitting corners, roots and rocks much faster. While it may seem lazy, this new way of climbing requires more physical effort from your entire body and provides a new challenge. For those who want to cruise up and enjoy the downs, that is perfectly fine as well.

3. The Time Poor

E-Bikes are like a gift from above for those who have minimal time to get out on the bike. An hour of power used to mean a quick 10-15km loop in the morning before or after work when you could squeeze in time. With an E-Bike you can now smash out 15-20kms in the same time frame. Perfect those with very little time to get their usual ride plus more into the hour they have.

4. Ride like a Pro

Sometimes the scariest thing for beginner riders is to be left behind on a ride. Whether it is father and son, wife and husband or two mates with different abilities, E-Bikes level the playing field. Slower riders on E-Bikes can now keep up with their faster riding partners on the standard bike. E-bikes allow people to ride together and increase the enjoyment for all parties.

On the flip side, it can be good training for the fitter riders as they try to keep up with their riding partners. Climbing behind an ebike can push you to ride harder and pace yourself behind them if you are chasing new personal best. The riders who would never ride with you before are now your best training partners.

In conclusion, E-Bikes are popular for all the right reasons. They can make all riding much more enjoyable no matter what variety. They can boost your confidence, riding ability and stamina with very little investment. You can take your riding to the next level effectively and efficiently thanks to E-Bikes.If you identify with any of the above, E-Bikes are for you. If you would like to check out our range of E-Bikes, click here. If you would like to learn more about E-Bikes, keep an eye out for more on our blog soon.


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