Gravel Bikes have cemented their position on the bike industry over the last few years, and unlike a fad that will one day be forgotten, Gravel Bikes can only grow in popularity; here’s why.

Gravel Bikes are just pure fun. You might be mistaken to think Gravel bikes are just Hybrid bikes with a road bike style handlebar, but you’d be wrong. Gravel bikes start their life as an endurance road bike, once that is comfortable to ride all day; bike designers will then borrow some true and tested technology from Mountain Bikes, like tire clearance, shorter stem, wider bars, disc brakes, gear ratios, and frame geometry, and mix it all in. The result is a bike that can easily keep up with other road bikes on the road, but it truly comes alive when you take it off-road and get some dirt therapy, these bikes now handle like a hardtail mountain bike albeit with a much stiffer front end.

These bikes are favored not only by the purists who enjoy the real sense of adventure by tackling massive rides, sometimes out for days camping at night, but also by the smart commuter who wants something not as aggressive as a road bike but something more lively than a hybrid or mountain bike.
Gravel bikes can feature 700c tires or even 27.5-inch tires. 700c tires tend to be quicker on paved roads and smooth dirt roads, where the lightweight wheels and narrower tire width creates less friction. 650b, or 27.5-inch, gravel bikes are also very popular and tend to cater more for the spectrum of riders who wants something that will handle rougher off-road trails without puncturing easy.


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