Bike to work day 2022 - Tips from the BO crew

As the saying goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away… or should we say a commute a day keeps the doctor away? Well, there is some merit to that statement; however, to get the most out of your commute to work you want to enjoy it. What’s worse than being on the side of the road without a spare tube or having a route planned, only to find out that it’s not actually a proper bike route.

Riding your bike to work is not only good for your health, but it’s an excellent way to mitigate your environmental footprint! According to the bike advisor, cars in America are the largest source of c02 emissions. I’m sure you’ve heard this before; however, did you know that “55% of Car Trips in the U.S are less than 5 miles” (Bikeadvisor, 2022). One can only assume that a large portion of people are commuting to work and their commute is doable by bike. “If Americans replaced 50% of their short-distance car trips with e-bikes, we would save 273K metric tons of CO2 every day, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 4.5 million tree seedlings grown for 10 years.” (Bikeadvisor, 2022). 

Going green and avoiding trips to your GP is ideal, but if your commute by bike isn’t enjoyable, most of us won’t bother. Don’t fret, we have some good news for you! Peter (the expert) from ‘The Bike Shed’ is going to share his tips, along with Belinda (BikesOnline commuter pro), and Devan (Roadie - aspiring MTB star). 



Peter- Top Tips: Tube, plan B (secondary route/scouting out the route prior), food, water, and don’t be afraid to call a taxi halfway.

Belinda- Top Tips: The most direct route isn’t always the most enjoyable one, watch out for parked cars, and invite a friend for good company

Devan- Top Tips: wear a good chamois/pair of bibs, high-quality front light/rear light (and high Vis clothing), and good quality gloves

Now that we’ve dialed down some tips, you’re probably thinking, ok ok, you’ve convinced me, but I want a bike that’s light, compact, small, and affordable. Well, you’re in luck, because I not only had the chance to ride one of the most under-rated and compact commuter bikes - the Urbano Polygon Urbano 5, but I had the pleasure of beating Peter around the office during EP#3 of ‘The Bike Shed’: Commuter Essentials (keep your eyes peeled for the release next Friday 3rd of June). 

THREE of the favorite features of Urbano are: it’s easy to fold, reliable components (Shimano groupset), and responsive hydraulic disc brakes that are good in any weather condition. Check out this LINK for more details. 

Have we fully convinced you to ride to work? If you already do, what are your tips? What motivates you to ride your bike? Leave your comments down below!


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