Worth-it Blogs EP#3: Budget Hardtail Upgrades

While you have just got your fresh bike after doing a tonne of research and dropping your hard-earned cash, there is nothing better than changing out some parts to suit your needs. Sometimes it is just too hard to resist making something uniquely yours.


The best place to begin making your bike unique to your needs is the contact points. Contact points include grips, pedals and saddles. If you have smaller hands then some smaller diameter grips will suit you better, on the flipside bigger grips suit bigger hands. There is also a multitude of grip patterns ranging from mushroom, waffle or diamond grip. It is personal preference as to which suits you best.

Saddles are very personal to every rider and their body composition. If possible we recommend getting your Sitz bones measured to correctly find the best saddle width for you. It is also worth deciding if you need a pressure relief channel, a shorter nose or more padding. Unfortunately, it is all about testing saddles until you find the right fit. 

Quality flat pedals can make or break your confidence on a bike. Good flat pedals have a large platform that matches the size of your forefoot, are slightly concave to allow your foot to sit in them, and have plenty of pins to prevent your foot from sliding off. If you are after more retention and security then looking at clipless options from Shimano, crank brothers or time may be better suited. 


A Dropper post can completely transform how your bike rides. At the flip of a switch, you can drop your Seatpost when descending, or return it back to its climbing position within a fraction of a second. For a few hundred dollars, this is the best bang for buck upgrade on any bike.

High-quality tyres with tough sidewalls and tubeless compatibility will not only provide you with tonnes of traction but, will reduce any chance of punctures ruining your ride. In order for you to go tubeless, you will need tubeless sealant, compatible rims, tape, valves and tyres. It may seem like a daunting task but, it will make your rides much more hassle-free.

One major upgrade you can purchase to completely change your bike is a new set of forks. Upgraded suspension products can make your bike seem as if it is floating above the terrain instead of bashing through it. The better suspension offers more control and a more pleasurable riding experience. While it may be a big outlay of cash, the return on investment is huge. 

One-by-drive drains reduces weight and fuss while enhancing reliability. With only one derailleur there is less to go wrong so you can ride issue free for longer. Thanks to the invention of the rear clutch mechanism chain retention are improved to the point a chain guide is not required. You will also get a massive range of gears thanks to wide-range cassettes. You will be able to climb any hill with ease. 

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