Hardtail mountain bikes are efficient, light and perfect for riders on a budget.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Ideal Rider. If you are looking for a bike with quality components but on a budget, Hardtail Mountain Bikes are ideal. Because the frames are simpler and require less technology, they are cheaper to manufacture, so they often come with better components.

When you are interested in riding along the river, cruising down the coast and occasionally exploring off the beaten path, recreational hardtail mountain bikes are perfect for you. Recreational hardtails are designed to make your ride a dream with a huge range of gears, robust frames, and extra comfort thanks to an upright riding position. Check out Bicycles Online's range of recreational hardtails for sale here.

Riders looking to sprint off the start line at a race, attack the climbs and priorities efficiency will love Cross Country hardtails. Steeper angles and light frames give these hardtails premium efficiency as well as optimized, agile handling. Bicycles Online has a huge range of Cross Country hardtails available here.

Just because hardtails don't have rear suspension, it does not mean they aren't ready for the rough stuff. An aggressive hardtail is for you to tackle hard trails with more uneven terrain and bigger obstacles. While they do require more skill, aggressive hardtails have slacker, lower, and longer geometry on their stronger frames to take on whatever lies ahead. Bicycles Online has a huge range of aggressive hardtails available here.

Ideal Terrain. Hardtail mountain bikes are often seen as bikes designed for tamer terrain. However, with modern frame geometry and material technologies, there is a hardtail for any terrain.

Recreational hardtails are optimized for comfort, ease of use and reliability. If you are looking to ride comfortably on sealed roads, gravel paths and easy single track, a recreational hardtail will suit your needs. Check out Bicycles Online's full range of recreational hardtails for sale here.

If you are riding single technical track, steep climbs, and multi-lap cross country races, a cross country hardtail is for you. With agile handling and refined geometry, navigating tight switchbacks on a climb is a breeze and covering a big distance takes no time.

When you decide to tackle big rock gardens and hit bigger features, you will need a more aggressive bike. Riders who want to take their mountain biking to the next level, aggressive hardtails have you covered. Check out our range of aggressive enduro hardtails for sale here.

Why a Hardtail Mountain Bike. Simplicity is key in designing a hardtail mountain bike. Their simple build provides an easy ride with limited opportunities for your ride to be ruined by mechanical failure. The lack of rear suspension can lead to a hard ride but, this can be the perfect time to refine your skills. What does it mean for you as a rider? You are likely to spend less time on maintenance and repair of your hardtail mountain bike and enjoy more time riding.

Value. A big benefit to buying a hardtail is the limited effect they have on your bank account. Hardtails can be a very cost-effective solution to beginning your MTB journey without compromising on quality. Thanks to the simplicity of the frames, it costs less to manufacture them; those savings are passed onto the customer while also being used to spec higher-end parts.

Frames. Frame material plays a significant role in the ride quality of a hardtail MTB. While steel is heavier, it provides a more compliant and smoother ride on the trails. Steel is often the material of choice for hardtails designed for aggressive riding. Alloy (a.k.a. Aluminum) is marginally lighter than steel and is found on most budget-friendly recreational and XC hardtails. Alloy is a stiffer material that can be manipulated easier, resulting in a quick, agile and good-looking bike.

Carbon fiber is a premium material, and this is reflected in the price. Thanks to malleable fibers, a frame's ride characteristics can be tuned throughout the frame. Lightweight carbon fiber frames combine the best features of alloy and steel; they are laterally stiff while remaining vertically compliant, resulting in great power delivery with insurmountable comfort.

Determining your riding style, the terrain you will ride, and your budget is the first step to finding the right hardtail for you.

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