Hardtail Mountain Bikes are hugely popular and for a good reason. Hardtail stands for the un-sprung rear of the bike where the rear wheel attaches. By removing the moving rear end, these bikes are easier to service, cheaper to buy and still give you high thrills when flat out trail riding. Hardtails are lighter, extremely durable, and capable of riding a wide range of challenging trails.

Hardtail mountain bikes are based on a simple yet effective bike design, where the front suspension fork not only gives you more comfort when going over rough stuff but also tracks the ground beneath you for optimal grip and traction. 

Durability is king in hardtail mountain bikes. By removing any moving parts such as rear suspension with all those complicated links, pivots and bushings, the hardtail mountain bike sticks to its guns and provides reliable performance in most trail conditions.

Hardtails are also the preferred bike for riders who value speed and performance over comfort. Dual Suspension mountain bikes are heavier by nature and compress when you dig deep and pedal hard, eating away some of your power. Hardtail bikes are just pure power when you decide to crank up and sprint up the hill. If the type of riding you’re doing is not very bumpy and has some significant climbs in it, your best bet to beat your buddies it a hardtail mountain bike.


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