Tandem bikes are perfect for cycling along bike paths, roads, at the park or along light trails with a friend. Whether it is to help someone learn to ride, for the vision impaired, or simply to share the enjoyment of cycling together, tandem bikes are sim

Tandem Bicycles

Ideal Riders. Tandem bikes are perfect for couples or riders who want to work together and enjoy the ride. Two riders sit on a tandem bike and pedal in unison to propel the bike forward. The rider up front directs the bike while the rider on the rear enjoys the ride.

Ideal Terrain. Our tandem bikes are ideal for exploring the hills, cruising the coast or riding down the riverside on any style of roads. Bigger tires, relaxed geometry and flat bars provide both riders with supreme comfort if the roads get rough. Light gravel is rideable, but our tandems aren't designed specifically for that style of riding.

Frame Material. This aluminum-framed tandem is light; in fact, it's one of the lightest on the market. This means it is easy to ride and simple to put on any rear car rack. In fact, after taking the front wheel off the bike, it is not much longer than a regular adult mountain bike and can be fitted to most regular cars.

Wheels. This iteration of the tandem has been significantly improved. The wheels are larger 27.5" rims and are the wheel of choice for tandem bikes. When you are carrying two passengers, the forces that go through the wheel are much higher, and as such, you need strong wheels to survive any impact with gutters or harsh, unforgiving roads. Larger 700c "Road bike" wheels are inherently weaker and can result in warping or bending of the rim.

Drivetrain. A great feature of this bike is the drivetrain. Featuring a 24 speed Shimano Altus groupset complete with a huge 11-32 speed rear cassette, you have all the gears you need to tackle the steepest of ascents. The drive train also features an eccentric bottom bracket – this is how the chain is tightened between the front and rear riders. Eccentric bottom brackets are by far and away the best system on the market. Using a tensioner system is messy and unreliable; an eccentric bottom bracket like this is the only way to keep that chain on.

Brakes. As the name indicates, the tandem now features disc brakes too. This has been the most desired upgrade over previous rim brakes. Disc brakes provide confidence-inspired braking with much more consistent and powerful braking in all conditions.

A tandem bike, commonly known as a "bicycle built for two," is a specially designed bike that allows multiple riders to pedal together in synchronization. This type of bicycle offers a distinct and shared cycling experience that relies on rider teamwork and coordination. With one rider positioned in the front and another in the back, this unique design fosters a cycling journey emphasizing effective communication and coordination.

Moreover, it provides an appealing opportunity for couples, friends, or family members to enjoy thrilling cycling expeditions that cultivate a deep sense of unity. The exhilaration derived from riding in perfect harmony further enhances the joy and excitement of the experience.

This bike is available in various styles and designs to suit different preferences and riding purposes. Some models are designed for road cycling, while others are for off-road adventures or leisurely city rides.

We at Bikes Online offer a selection of tandem bicycles suitable for city and hybrid riding.

Key Considerations for Purchasing Tandem Bikes from Online Bikes

Discernment and mindfulness are crucial when purchasing in a challenging economic climate. If you consider buying a tandem bicycle, factors such as frame size, seat positioning, handlebar style, and gear type become highly significant. These aspects directly impact the bike's comfort and ease of handling for both riders. Furthermore, it is crucial to check that the bike is properly adjusted and fitted to accommodate the dimensions and preferences of both individuals involved.

Listed below are points to consider when buying a tandem bike for sale:

Riding Purpose

Determine the primary purpose of your bicycle. Will it be for leisurely rides, city commuting, off-road adventures, or long-distance touring? Manufacturers design bikes with specific riding purposes in mind, so clarifying your intended use will assist in narrowing down the available options.

Frame Size and Fit

A tandem bike comes in various frame sizes to accommodate riders of different heights and proportions. Consider the adjustability and size of the frame and the positions of the handlebar and saddle to ensure an ideal fit for both individuals.

Riding Position

The riding position affects comfort and aerodynamics, so consider your preferred posture and the riding you'll be doing when selecting a bicycle.

Brake Type

These bikes generally come with rim or disc brakes, and disc brakes typically offer greater stopping power and performance, especially in wet conditions. However, rim brakes may be sufficient for certain riding styles and preferences.

Frame Material

Tandem bikes have frames that use aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber with distinct weight, durability, comfort, and cost attributes.

Weight and Handling

These bicycles are generally heavier than single-rider bikes due to their extended frame and additional components. Consider the importance of the tandem cycle and its potential impact on handling, particularly during maneuvering or transportation.

Components and Gearing

When choosing a bike, it is vital to consider the quality of parts and the gearing system. Opt for reliable and durable details from reputable brands. Additionally, assess the number of gears and the gear range to ensure the bike is suitable for the intended terrain.

Test Ride if Possible

Test a few tandem bikes for sale to get a feel for their handling, comfort, and overall ride quality.


Set a budget for your bike purchase and seek options that provide good value within that range.

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