Light, fast and agile, our performance road bikes are perfect for taking that local KOM or winning the next crit race.

Performance Road Bikes

Ideal for. Riders who want to challenge their local KOM's, enjoy the sprint to the coffee shop and love to test their limits when it comes to maximum speed will thrive on a performance road bike. These bikes are designed to take a rider to the podium at their local criterium or road race. Sprinting, climbing and speed are a part of these bikes' DNA.

Ideal Terrain. Performance road bikes are at home on the smooth tarmac climbing up towards the top of a mountain and then weaving through the hairpins back down. While bigger tires have made road bikes more comfortable one the rougher roads, they still aren't ideal for any gravel.

Components. Performance road bikes have curved handlebars often referred to as "Drop Bars." Drop bars offer multiple riding positions ranging from comfort while climbing and performance on the descents. Sitting on the hoods (on top of the shifters) gives comfort to the rider during climbing and flat ground. When in the drops (the lower part of the bar), the rider has more control and weight on the front wheel during descents and sprints.

Gearing. With short ratio gearing on the back and compact gears on the front modern road bikes allow riders to maintain optimum cadence in any situation. Performance isn't just going fast; it is just as important to stop quickly and efficiently. Disc brakes are on more and more road bikes because they have better modulation, more power, and amazing consistency.

Frame style. Power is transferred to the ground via stiff wheels, often alloy but can be made of carbon to reduce the stiffness to weight ratio. Light wheels accelerate faster, and some even have a deeper rim depth for aerodynamic gains. Deeper rims can be more efficient or fast in a straight line; you may experience interference from side winds that can cause the bike to go off track. Smaller depth wheels can climb better and are better in side winds.

Tires. Tires were classically thin and measured around 25mm across. In modern times tires are getting wider, up to 32mm on some bikes, because they provide more comfort. Some may say they roll slower; however, thanks to their shock absorption and ability to remain online on rougher roads, bigger tires have more benefits than cons.

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