Enduro bikes are built to descend with confidence. Tackle technical descents at speed with an Enduro Bike now.

Enduro Bikes

Enduro mountain bikes have to balance durability to make it through the day of racing, with weight in order to make it as efficient on the liaisons as possible. However, descending capabilities outweigh climbing characteristics so components like wheels, tires and suspension are optimized to be tough enough to get the rider through the event.

Ideal Rider. Enduro bikes are for riders who want to tackle the toughest downhill trail, take on multiple stage races or even spend a weekend at the bike park. Built for stability at speed while hitting difficult obstacles, Enduro bikes are perfect for riders who want to push their limits. Uplifts aren't always available, so Enduro bikes are designed with climbing capabilities so riders can pedal to the top of the hill before dropping in to go full send on the way down.

Ideal Terrain. Enduro bikes are equipped with more travel to provide more traction, reduce rider fatigue and allow riders to attack the wildest downhill trails with confidence. These bikes enable riders to push harder through rock gardens, glide over gaps and drive through the roots with ease. Thanks to their longer front ends and slacker head angles, these bikes are extremely composed on steep, fast hillsides. Riders who love pushing their skills and enjoy smashing downhills will love enduro bikes.

Frame Geometry. An Enduro bike has what is commonly known as “Long, Low and Slack” geometry. “Long” refers to the reach and wheelbase of Enduro bikes. The longer reach and wheelbase increases the stability of Enduro mountain bikes, going fast downhill is no problem. “Low” refers to the bottom bracket height and standover, again increasing the stability at speed and confidence in corners. “Slack” refers to the head angle. A slacker head angle inspires more confidence on steep terrain, absorbs bumps more easily and provides increased stability at high-speed. All of the above geometry features are fine-tuned to provide stability and enhance confidence on the steep descents.

Frame Material. Enduro bikes are available in either carbon fiber or alloy frame options. Carbon fiber provides the same strength and stiffness as alloy but in a lighter package. Unfortunately, carbon fiber frames are more costly to manufacture and cost more to purchase. Alloy frames are a little more wallet-friendly but weigh more.

Wheel size. Enduro Bikes are built for speed, stability and attacking bigger obstacles. 29-inch wheels are stable, fast and they roll over obstacles with ease. When you want to set the fastest time from the top of the hill to the bottom, you want 29-inch wheels. Some Enduro bikes still come with 27.5-inch wheels for riders who like a more agile bike but require more energy to ride as fast as a bike with 29-inch wheels.

Suspension. Usually boasting 150-170 mm of travel, Enduro Mountain Bikes are ready to soak up big hits and enhance traction at speed. The rear shocks have an oil reservoir for enhanced damping performance. While air-sprung suspension is still popular, coils are often used for their supreme traction. Forks often have 36-38mm stanchions and stiff chassis for optimum stiffness under extreme use.

Components. As the saying goes, ‘to finish first, first, you must finish'. When you are bombing down hills at speed over multiple stages throughout the day, you don't want to have to worry about a mechanical failure ruining your day. Enduro Mountain Bikes use parts that are orientated towards reliability. Heavy-duty DH tires, big brakes and strong wheels are used to ensure you keep on rolling. They are not built to race uphill, but a wide range 1X drivetrain will get you back to the top of the hill.

Riding Style. Enduro mountain bikes are designed to winch themselves up a hill instead of climbing at speed. Because of their weight and geometry Enduro bikes are designed to be rugged, climbing is something they do not excel at. They truly shine when it comes to going down a hill as fast as possible. Steeper seat angles have allowed Enduro mountain bikes to climb more efficiently thanks to putting more weight on the front wheel and providing a more upright riding position. Allowing riders to spend more time in the saddle comfortably.

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Mountain biking has come a long way since its inception in the 1960s with advancements in technology allowing riders to easily tackle even the most challenging terrain. The enduro bike is one of the most popular mountain bike types. If you're a mountain biking enthusiast looking to tackle steep descents, this bike is for you.

Here at Bikes Online, you will find durable, premium, and affordable Enduro bikes. These models come with top-notch suspension technology, ensuring a comfortable ride as you cover long distances. Their lightweight wheels and grippy tires give you that much-needed extra traction when descending on rough terrain. An Enduro bike is burlier than the “ordinary” trail bike with its rugged and stress-resistant parts and long and slack geometry that allow you to rip the trails.