Bicycle lights are the most important active safety accessory a bike rider can use. Bike lights warn other road users of your presence and are easily identifiable by drivers. Recently, many riders even started using bike lights during the day, as the increased visibility on-road alerts drivers in advance and allow for a better reaction time from the driver to the cyclist on the road. Bikes Online offer front lights, rear lights, light sets and bundles of front and rear lights to suit your needs.

Bicycle lights visibility is measured in lumens, the higher the number, the better in most cases. For well-lit areas, a 200 lumens front and 35 lumen rear lights prove to be enough. If you plan on riding in areas that are not as well lit, you might want to look for at least 400 lumens for a front light and 50 lumens for your rear. Bike lights often come with a USB rechargeable battery and you can choose how much light you need by pressing the ON button.