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Hardtail Wheel Size Fit System

Hardtail -  27.5" & 29"

Wheel Fit Size System



  • New 27.5" & 29" Wheel Fit Size System - Better fits the rider and sets them up for optimal efficiency and power transfer
  • Perfect entry to advanced level bike
  • Amazing value
  • Lightweight Hydroformed 6061 Aluminium frame
  • Very versatile. Can be used for weekend rides on the trail or even as dependable commuter bike
  • Not as comfortable as a Dual Suspension Bike when riding on rougher trails.
  • More experienced rider looking for a high-end Hardtail.
  • Rider getting into Mountain Biking and looking for a good value bike with decent components
  • A commuter rider looking for a bike to ride to work, but also take off-road on cross-country trails
Hardtail 27.5 inch Plus Mountain Bike

Hardtail 27.5" Plus



  • Improved grip with the larger Plus Tyres
  • Better cornering
  • Simple fun bike for trail riding
  • As comfortable and confidence inspiring as a dual suspension
  • Can fit 29 inch wheels for road riding
  • Heavier wheels
  • Slow acceleration
  • Correct tyre pressure is crucial for optimal performance
  • Beginner to intermediate rider who wants to venture into more adventurous tracks but doesn’t want to spend Dual Suspension money
  • A rider who is looking for an extremely versatile bike, capable of handling most on and off trail conditions
XC Dual Suspension mountain bike

XC Dual Suspension


  • Perfect for bumpy off-road trails
  • Simple rear suspension system adds little weight to the frame
  • Lockable front and rear suspension
  • Improved control and comfort
  • Heavier than a hardtail bike
  • Slower on uphills and flat roads than a hardtail bike
  • Beginner and intermediate riders, riding on bumpy trails, with lots of rocks, roots and technical sections 
  • Riders upgrading from a hardtail to a dual suspension
Trail and Enduro Mountain Bikes

Trail/ Enduro


  • Longer suspension travel bikes for more aggressive trails and riders
  • Full carbon frame or half carbon/half alloy frame
  • Advanced rear suspension system designed to eliminate pedal-bob and brake jolt
  • Internally routed brake and rear cables for clean looks
  • Fox front suspension with TALAS system allows changing the fork size mid-ride
  • Dropper seatpost helps on steeper descents 
  • Higher starting price point
  • Carbon frame not as durable as alloy frames
  • Climbing performance
  • Geometry too slack to ride on roads
  • More experienced riders that want to hit bigger jumps, faster descents and bumpier trails
  • Enduro riders looking for a great pedalling bike
  • Fast and technical trail riding
  • Performance orientated enduro bike

Trail/ Enduro/ Downhill




  • Revolutionary design allows you to climb like a short travel dual suspension bike and descend like a downhill bike.
  • Can be ridden in a wide range of trails, making this a true "1 bike to rule them all".
  • Full carbon frame
  • Lightweight considering the suspension travel available.
  • Top of the line everything.
  • Internally routed brake and gear cables.
  • Looks different from any other bike on the trail and will set you apart from the crowd.  
  • High price will only entice experienced riders.
  • Might make you sell all your other bikes. ;)
  • Experienced riders that want the utmost advanced bike in the market.
  • Trail, Enduro, All Mountain and Downhill trails.
  • Fast and technical trail riding
  • Riders who want to downhill like a rocket and climb like a mountain goat.
Downhill mountain bikes




  • Full downhill frame with alloy front triangle and carbon rear
  • Front alloy triangle adds control on difficult trails
  • Carbon rear triangle reduces weight and improves suspension performance
  • Stable pedalling bike = little pedal bob
  • Very specific and only to be used on downhill trails
  • Heavy and difficult to pedal uphill
  • Experienced riders looking for a downhill specific bike to hit big jumps, drops and berms
  • Downhill racers looking for a good value Downhill bike
Dirt Jump bikes

Dirt Jump / Slopestyle / BMX



  • Compact frame ideal for jumping and tricks
  • Alloy frame keeps the bike light
  • Extra reinforcement adds durability to the frame
  • Single speed and horizontal dropouts eliminate dropped chains
  • Very specific bike
  • Mainly to be used at skate parks and dirt jump parks
  • Beginner to advanced riders looking for a dirt jump or BMX bike to do big jumps and tricks.


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Which Mountain Bike should I buy?


Mountain bikes come in a wide range of types, with each type having its specific use and terrain you will be riding in. Mountain Bikes include sports like Cross Country (XC), Trail, Enduro, Freeride, Dirt Jump, Slopestyle, BMX and Downhill mountain bikes. Of all bikes sold in the US, Mountain Bikes are by far the most popular model of bicycle mainly because even though designed for off-road riding, these are also versatile enough to be used on the road. They are designed with durability in mind, as they have to withstand much greater wear and tear whilst off road. 

The most common are Hardtail Mountain Bikes, with a lower price point, these bikes feature a suspension at the front while the rear is a solid part of the frame. These bikes are often more affordable and lighter than dual suspension mountain bikes. However, as the trail gets rockier, you will find yourself looking at a Dual Suspension Mountain Bike, which features a suspension at the front and the rear. These dual sprung bikes absorb bumps a lot better and are quicker to find traction in challenging trails. Difficult trails will demand more suspension travel as you descend to be able to cope with the increasing speed and obstacles you encounter. More travel does mean that your bike will be suited for a wider variety of trails and bigger jumps.

However, more suspension travel is not always better. In your next bike, you want to make sure you get as little travel as possible for the trails you're riding in. Although counter-intuitive, this ensures your new bike is not overkill for the trails you ride, it keeps being weight low and might even save you a few dollars down the road. XC bikes feature 100mm to 120mm of travel, Trail and Enduro bikes run 140mm to 160mm of travel and  Downhill bikes come with 180mm to 200mm of travel. Remember this, the more travel you have available, the harder it is to pedal the bike uphill. 

With all these mountain bike types, there are also different wheel sizes, 27.5 inch (650b)27.5 Plus and 29 inch (29er). The larger diameter wheels are easier to roll over obstacles, but the bike becomes less agile, slower to accelerate and a tad heavier. You should pick your wheel size based on your height, riding style, and cost. 

Dirt Jump, Slopestyle and BMX bikes are specifically designed for big jumps & tricks on skate parks and dirt jumps. These bikes aren't designed to be pedaled due to the saddle position and general bike geometry, which places all components as close to the ground as possible to allow more room for aerial maneuvers.

Frame sizes are measured in inches, or sizes such as Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. You often have fewer size options when compared to road bikes, mainly because you move your body weight forward and backward as you negotiate obstacles, climbs, descents, and jumps. With that in mind, bike designers create frames that offer a lot more adjustability within size options.


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