Road Bikes


Endurance Alloy Road Bikes

Endurance Alloy


  • Focused on reliability and ergonomics
  • Lightweight endurance alloy road frame 
  • Upright riding position on the bike
  • Extremely durable frame, perfect for commuting
  • Carbon Fork and tapered carbon steerer for improved dampening of any vibrations from the road
  • Affordable price point
  • Not as comfortable as Carbon
  • Alloy frames are slightly heavier than carbon frames
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate riders that want to take up cycling.
  • Commuters will be pleased with bike and components durability.
Cyclocross & Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes



  • Disc brakes provide dependable braking power in all conditions 
  • More upright riding position improves comfort and control over the bike 
  • Wider tyres add comfort and grip
  • Great commuter bike
  • Great adventure bike
  • Most durable
  • Slightly heavier
  • Specific wheel hubs, not compatible with traditional road wheels
  • Ideal for all level riders
  • Commuter that wants versatility, added grip and disc brakes.
  • Road cyclist who wants to add a bit of adventure to his or her riding.
Endurance Carbon Road Bikes

Endurance Carbon



UCI approved, ready for competition

  • Lightweight Carbon frame helps with climbing and acceleration
  • Upright riding position on the bike 
  • Stiff and responsive frame gives you great power transfer
  • Full Carbon frame and fork dampens vibrations and adds comfort to the ride
  • Endurance specific geometry, ideal for long rides
  • Higher starting price point
  • Pedals not included
  • Not as racing oriented as the Aero Bikes
  • Beginners who are looking for lighter weight and extra comfort.
  • Intermediate and Advanced riders that want an endurance bike for Grand Fondos and hilly rides where a comfortable and efficient riding position is important.
Flat Bar Road Bikes

Flat Bar


  • Flat handlebar elevates your riding position
  • Focused on reliability and durability
  • Lightweight alloy frame with a carbon fork 
  • Alloy frame is perfect for commuting
  • Improved comfort for shorter rides and safer riding with traffic
  • Can be used as a transition bike into road cycling
  • No carbon frame option
  • Doesn't have drop bars
  • All rider levels who want to commute to work by bicycle.
  • Beginner road cyclists that find drop bars too aggressive.
  • Riders looking for a Fitness bike


Latest Road Bikes Reviews

Which Road Bike should I buy?


If you have ever watched the Tour de France, Giro de Italia, Vuelta a Espana, Tour of California or Tour of Utah, you are now familiarized with what Road Bikes, or racing bikes, are. The main objective of any road bike is to transform any ounce of power generated by the rider into forward motion, making this type of bikes the fastest of all bicycle types. These bikes are also very popular with commuters looking for a fast way to get from point A to point B, as well as weekend riders working on their fitness level. The narrow tires, lightweight frame, and materials used in building these bikes make them not only fast on paved roads but also comfortable to ride hours on end if need be. Road Bikes typically fall into two major categories, Drop bar and Flat bar.

Drop bar bikes, feature a ram horns handlebar style, which allows the rider to set into a number of different positions for different purposes such as aerodynamic advantages or more upright position to rest the upper body on long uphills. On modern road bicycles, the gear mechanism is integrated into the brake lever both for ergonomics. 

Drop bar bikes have subcategories within them, including endurance bikes, sought after for their more comfortable upright riding position, as well as racing bikes with a more aggressive riding position. Some Road Bikes also include specific aerodynamic characteristics to make them even faster. 

More recently, Adventure Road Bikes, or Gravel Bikes, are gaining momentum in the market with increased popularity from road cyclists who crave a bit of off-road adventure or even mountain bikers who want to add cycling to their fitness regime but can’t stay away from dirt roads. These bikes feature a more upright geometry, wider tires, disc brakes and some include extra mounts to carry bags for multi-day trips.

Flat bar bikes share the same frame as drop bar bikes but use a flat handlebar with mountain bike type shifters, making this bike look like a proper mountain bike with skinny tires. This horizontal bar makes the riding position more upright and comfortable. Flat Bar Road Bikes are often preferred by commuters as the higher handlebar position allows the rider to look over cars when riding in traffic. 

All sizes are measured in cm and vary in increments of 2 or 3 cm. 

Similar to other brands such as Giant bicycles or Trek bikes, Polygon Bikes come equipped with components using the latest in cycling technology such as Shimano, SRAM, Schwalbe, WTB, Entity, Mavic and more.

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