Recreational Mountain Bikes are perfect for riders who want a comfortable commute, ride with the family and get off the beaten track.

Recreational Bikes

Ideal for. Riders who commute during the week, ride with the family on the weekend and sometimes venture off the beaten track. Wider tires with more air volume will provide you with extra comfort. Powerful disc brakes will stop you easily both on and off-road. A wide range of gears will bring you down and then back up the steepest hills. The Recreational MTB is perfect for Riders who want to have fun around town, experience the outdoors or cruise with their family.

Ideal Terrain. If you want to ride on bike paths, the road, dirt paths or even some light MTB trails, the recreational MTB will suit you perfectly. While they aren't built to take on the roughest trails, they are perfect for varied terrains and those rides where you don't know what lies ahead. Recreational mountain bikes are perfect for riders who want to expand their horizons around town with some gravel riding or dip their toes into MTB.

Frame Geometry. Recreational Mountain Bikes are designed around comfort, with taller front ends for a more relaxed riding position. They aren't long, low or slack to avoid feeling lethargic when cruising around. They blend agility and stability perfectly.

Frame Material. Recreational Mountain Bikes are designed to get you riding without breaking the bank. They offer the best performance for outstanding value. Recreational Mountain Bikes are often made of quality, lightweight alloy because it provides the lightest package for the best deal.

Components. Entry-level mountain bikes found in this range are often priced between four hundred to one thousand dollars. As the price increases, features such as air-sprung forks, one-by drivetrains, and hydraulic disc brakes appear. While on entry-level bikes, you will find 3x8 drivetrains, coil-sprung forks, and cable disc brakes. Our bicycles are as high quality as they can be at a price; as bikes get more expensive, they become more efficient, easier to use and lighter.

strong>Wheel size. Recreational Mountain Bikes are available in both 29 and 27.5 wheel sizes. 27.5 wheels are more agile and easy to maneuver. If you are smaller and want a bike that is easier to direct or move around, 27.5 is for you. 29-inch wheels will roll for longer, maintain speed easier and roll over obstacles with more stability. If you want a bike with more stability that will move faster for longer, 29-inch is best for you.

Use Case. Some people may see the words "mountain bike" and think they are built for rocky or rooty scary tracks. Recreational and entry-level bikes are perfect for riders that want more comfort, stability and traction for everyday riding. Bigger tires provide more comfort because the increased air volume absorbs more feedback from the ground. The extensive range of gears allows riders to climb steep hills with ease and minimal effort. Upright geometry also provides a nice and comfortable riding position without feeling hunched over. . Entry-level mountain bikes are perfect for a variety of uses.

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