Drop Bar Road Bikes
Drop Bar Road Bikes

Drop Bar Road Bikes

Ideal Rider. Riders who love to push the limits of their ultimate speed and get low over the front of their bike when descending or sprinting ahead of the pack will excel with drop bars. On the flipside, riders who want to explore further into the wilderness while spending hours or days in the saddle will find extra comfort thanks to the multiple positions available while riding.

Ideal Terrain. Just as drop handlebars are available on multiple bike styles, they are capable on various types of terrain. Performance road bikes are ideal on roads and race tracks where speed and efficiency are key. Gravel bikes are ideal on looser terrain like gravel or dirt. Drop bars provide better efficiency and control on the tarmac while also adding comfort for longer days in the saddle.

Shifters. The shifting and brake levers are one piece and optimized for use when either in the hoods or in the drops. They use vertical paddles and brake levers to match the profile of the bars. While they might look unique and difficult to use, we can assure you that they are very intuitive.

Bar Measurements. Bar width is often measured from the center of the hoods on one side to the center of the hoods on the other side. It is generally recommended that the width of the bars matches the width of the rider's shoulders.

Drop bars are known as shallow or classic drop profiles. Classic bars have a greater distance from the hoods to the bottom of the bar. Shallow bars are more modern and they allow riders to get in the drops with less stress on their back or neck. It is extremely rare to see classic bars on new bikes these days, but it is important to consider the drop when swapping bars.

Knowing your riding style and the type of terrain you will be cruising on are essential to choosing the right bike. And if you want to conquer the open road with speed and agility, a drop bar road bike is your best bet.

Bikes Online has various road bikes with shallow or classic drop profiles designed for a more aerodynamic position, making long rides and high speeds an absolute breeze. They come with first-rate features, ideal for serious cyclists of all levels. We have many high-quality drop bar bikes in different designs and sizes to cater to everyone's preferences.

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Features of a Drop Bar Bike

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist, thrill-seeking newcomer, speed enthusiast, or long-distance adventurer, these high-performance machines deliver an unmatched combination of speed, agility, and style.

A drop bar gravel bike is known for its aerodynamic design and lightweight construction. It offers unparalleled efficiency and control and allows you to slice through the wind and conquer any terrain easily.

It embodies speed and grace with its unmistakable curved handlebars, making it the go-to choice for professional cyclists and passionate enthusiasts.

Bar Measurements

A drop bar road bike offers various bar measurements to accommodate riders of different shapes and sizes.

Bar width is often measured from the center of the hoods on one side to the center of the hoods on the other side. The handlebars come in various widths and drops, enabling you to find a suitable fit for your riding style and body proportions.

A well-fitted handlebar enhances your comfort during long rides and optimizes your aerodynamics, giving you an edge in speed and efficiency. That is why we recommend that the width of the bars matches the width of the rider's shoulders.


One of the defining features of drop bar road bikes is their advanced shifting systems.

The shifting mechanism has precise and responsive shifters, allowing you to transition between gears and ensure optimal performance effortlessly.

So, whether climbing steep inclines, accelerating on flat roads, or blazing down descents, the shifters of a drop bar touring bike will keep you in the zone and in control.

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