Drop Bar Road Bikes are also called as Racing Bikes and are made to be the fastest bicycle possible. By using materials such as Aluminum or Carbon to reduce the bike’s weight, Aerodynamic profiles around the frame and wheels, Road Bikes are optimized for speed on paved roads. The rider is placed in a position where pedaling is most efficient and the drop bars further help by reducing the rider’s wind profile. Modern Road Bikes see a huge array of integrated elements such as gear and brake levers, cables going inside the frame, hidden seatclamps and truncated frame tubes for ultimate aerodynamic benefits.


Entry level road bikes feature aluminum frames with carbon forks. This combination not only keeps the cost down but also the bike weight down. Riding comfort is assured by the front carbon fork, which soaks up the road vibration before it gets to you,  keeping you fresher and focused on what lies ahead.
The more advanced road bikes boast full carbon frames, carbon forks, and even carbon seatpost and handlebar. Carbon is not only lighter but also absorbs vibrations exceptionally well, in a joint effort to reduce fatigue caused by road vibration. These bikes feature a wide range of gears and some you can even spot electronic gears, like Shimano Di2.


When shopping for a new road bike, keep in mind the two main sub-categories, Endurance Road Bikes and Racing Road Bikes. Endurance Road bikes focus more on the rider, with a more upright geometry and clever features that improve riding comfort. Racing Road Bikes are more aggressive and tend to hide the rider from the wind, making the bike and rider as aerodynamic as possible.


All Polygon Road Bikes are built using the very latest technology available from Shimano, SRAM, Entity, Mavic, WTB, Schwalbe and others. These bikes can easily be comparable to Giant, Specialized, and Trek bikes in terms of performance and comfort. Polygon is one of a small number of global brands to receive the approval of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) who governs road bike races all over the world.


If you do have any questions about road bikes, are unsure which model suits you best or want to learn more about this sport, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service team, available on live chat, email or phone.