All-road bikes are perfect for people who want to ride—ideal for riders who want to jump on the bike and ride with no destination.

All-Road Bikes

Ideal For. Riders who want to explore further away from home with no idea what terrain lies ahead will love All-Road bikes. If your rides mainly include tarmac roads that are less than ideal, bike paths and the occasional gravel road, you will thrive on an All Road bike. They offer the perfect balance of speed, efficiency and comfort.

Ideal Terrain. All-road bikes are designed to be ridden on all types of terrain. They glide easily along the smooth tarmac, absorb the cracks on a rough road or can take on a sandy gravel road you weren't planning on riding. They are bikes built to be ridden on rides where surprises may arise. If you just want to hop on your bike and rider until your heart's content, check out Bicycles Online's range of All-Road bikes for sale now.

Specifications. 28-40mm tires, disc brakes, and drivetrains with a mid-range gear spread provide riders with a comfortable, reliable and safe ride wherever they decide to explore. All-Road bikes have smooth tires without any knobs. Unlike gravel and adventure bikes, they are still fine on gravel terrain, but you may have to go slower. The softer yet larger tire allows minimal rolling resistance for increased speed and efficiency. At the same time, the bigger air volume provides comfort.

Brakes. Disc brakes are simple to use, have very low maintenance and provide tons of power. All-Road bikes are perfect for riders who want to mix performance and comfort. The ideal style of bike for people just looking to ride, explore, and enjoy being on the bike. Thanks to the powerful disc brakes, you can be assured extra safety for those commutes into work or descending a flowy, fast descent for the first time.

Drivetrains. All road bikes often use 2X wide drivetrains to optimize pedal efficiency and climb up the steepest climbs. All-Road bikes are perfect for those who just want a bike to ride. A bike that does everything possible, from exploring on the weekend to commuting during the week. If you're going to explore your options or have more questions, make sure to ask our educated service staff via Email, Phone or Live chat, and we will get you on the right bike for your riding.

Whether you're an experienced cyclist seeking new challenges or a passionate adventurer looking to explore uncharted territories, these versatile machines can tackle any terrain with style and precision.

Get ready to unleash your inner explorer and conquer the road less traveled with a top-of-the-line all-road bike from Bikes Online. These bicycles offer the perfect balance of speed, efficiency, and comfort, and these features make them the ideal choice for riding on all types of terrain, from smooth tarmacs to sandy gravel roads.

Depending on your need or situation, you may customize them to become more like gravel or endurance bikes. Check out what makes these bicycles an excellent option for any rider below.

Engineered for Adventure: Specifications of the Best All-Road Bikes

These bicycles boast cutting-edge technology and premium materials to deliver unmatched performance in conquering rugged terrain. Most models have 28-40mm tires, disc brakes, and drivetrains with a mid-range gear spread, providing riders with a comfortable, reliable, and safe ride wherever they explore.

Each component, from lightweight frames to rugged tires, is carefully crafted to provide a thrilling and comfortable riding experience on your all-road bike.

Know more about the essential components of an all-round road bike that make it stand out:


On stopping power, you can guarantee that all-road cycles will deliver. They come with high-performance disc brakes that provide consistent and efficient braking even in adverse weather conditions.

These road bikes are perfect for riders who want a blend of performance and comfort in their two-wheeler. Their disc brakes are simple to use and low maintenance without compromising power. The braking system effortlessly slows down or stops the bike, allowing you to focus on enjoying your ride.

Whether descending steep hills or navigating challenging terrain, these brakes offer precise control and confidence-inspiring stopping power.


What enables all road bikes to power through different terrains with ease is because of their high-quality drivetrains. These all-around bicycles often use 2X wide drivetrains to optimize pedal efficiency and climb the steepest climbs.

Furthermore, the mechanical systems significantly reduce overall weight and allow for efficient power transfer, making climbing hills more comfortable and enjoyable.

Ideal Rider and Terrain

You will enjoy an all-road bike if you're an adventurous cyclist who seeks speed and agility on various terrains.

You never know what might happen when embarking on unpaved paths, rugged trails, gravel roads, and mixed surfaces. But these bicycles are great companions for pushing your limits and exploring new routes on and off-road.

Their versatile capabilities and durable and lightweight construction make them ideal for those who value performance, speed, comfort, and reliability on any terrain.

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