Comfort & Cruiser
Comfort & Cruiser

Are you looking to cruise along the beach? Want to relax on the way to your next coffee? or just want to ride in comfort? These bikes are perfect for you.

Comfort & Cruiser Bikes

Ideal Rider. Cruiser bicycles are simple, comfortable and stylish bikes - perfect for cruising around town, down the coast or along the river. They have a more relaxed, upright riding position, which makes them comfortable and easy to ride. Their simple design and few gears make them very easy to ride and extremely simple to maintain. Hitting the shops is a breeze, with rear racks, front baskets and plenty of points for adding extra storage. Due to its vintage look, low maintenance and inexpensive price point, beach cruisers have become a very popular option.

A beach cruiser typically features high volume softer tires, internal hub gears or a single-speed drivetrain for simplicity and comfort. They are, as their name suggests - cruisers, no speed records will be set on these bikes.

Ideal Terrain. Easy to use and maintain, perfect for a smooth ride on pavement, and best for shorter distances. They are usually designed with mudguards which come in very handy for riding on a beach or when it is raining in the city. While they may have racks, long distances with a heavy load may be overwhelming on a cruiser.

Frame Material. Cruiser bikes are usually a bit heavier than average to provide strength and withstand the test of time. They typically use an Alloy frame to make them as light as possible without raising the price.

Components. The classic styling also comes with classic parts as they have passed the test of time. Big seats and swept back bars all lead to comfort and ease of use. Simple 7-speed drivetrains lead to less maintenance while retaining enough gears to get riders up any incline.

Built for life. And that's not all - a beach cruiser can be further accessorised so that you can carry everything you might need for the day or the trip to the store and still maintain ultimate riding comfort and safety.

If you are after a cruiser but are not sure it is the bike for you, reach out to our team of experts via phone, email, or live chat. It is our goal to get you on the best bike for the best value.

Cycling can be something other than a competitive activity or a fitness routine. Sometimes, enjoying the scenery at a leisurely pace on your bike can be the most enjoyable experience. Whether exploring the country roads, cruising around the city, or relaxing by the beach boardwalks, you can do it all on a comfortable or cruiser bike.

Bikes Online carries a wide selection of cruiser and comfort bicycles, each with unique features and benefits that make them perfect for various uses. They come in different colors and sizes to suit anyone's taste and preference.

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Comfort vs. Cruiser: Is There a Difference?

While both are designed for leisure, they have some notable differences. Allow us to break down the distinction between their key features below so you can determine which type suits you best.


Comfort bikes typically have a more upright frame geometry, allowing for a more comfortable riding position. On the other hand, a road or beach cruiser has a laidback frame geometry that provides a more relaxed riding experience. This difference in frame geometry can affect how the rider feels on the bike and the kind of riding that each bike is best suited for.


A comfort bike usually has higher handlebars than other types of bicycles. This feature provides a more upright position to support the rider’s back and neck. In most cases, comfort bikes have adjustable handlebars so the rider can achieve their ideal riding position. On the contrary, a cruiser’s handlebars are wider and more swept-back to give riders a comfortable grip.


Regarding the saddle, comfort bikes have a broader and padded harness to provide more comfort and cushioning during the ride, especially for longer trips. Cruisers have a narrower saddle designed for shorter, more leisurely rides where the rider is not spending as much time in the saddle. The narrower saddle on a beach cruiser bike also allows for greater freedom of movement, benefiting cyclists on casual, recreational activities like sightseeing.


Generally, comfort bicycles have larger tires than cruisers. They typically have 26-inch tires, providing better stability and cushioning, particularly on uneven or bumpy surfaces. A comfort bike's tires are also commonly designed with a lower air pressure than the tires on cruiser bikes, which further contributes to their shock-absorbing qualities.

Cruiser bicycles have narrower tires, providing more traction on smooth, flat surfaces like roads and boardwalks. They have a higher air pressure than comfort bike tires, which makes them faster and more efficient on smooth surfaces.


A cruiser bike is known for its retro-inspired design that can be traced back to the classic bicycles of the 1950s. It has a curved frame, wide handlebars, and balloon tires. It is designed to be fun and playful, focusing on casual, leisurely riding rather than speed or performance.

A comfort bicycle presents a more modern look with sleek lines and contemporary color schemes. It is designed to be versatile and practical, with features like fenders and racks that make it well-suited for commuting and everyday use.

Choosing between Comfort and Cruise

Ultimately, the choice between comfort and a cruiser bike comes down to personal preference and intended use. However, here are some factors to consider when deciding which kind to choose:

Comfort bikes are ideal for riders who:

  • Have back or neck issues: The upright frame geometry can help reduce strain on the back and neck, making them an excellent choice for riders with these types of issues.
  • Commute or go on long rides: The narrower tires and more efficient drivetrain make them a perfect match for those who want a two-wheeler for commuting or longer rides.
  • Are new to cycling: They are generally easy to ride and use, making them an excellent option for new cyclists who want to get into biking without feeling overwhelmed.

Cruiser bikes are perfect for riders who:

  • Go on casual rides: They are perfect for leisurely rides around town, beach boardwalks, and other casual outings.
  • Want comfort and ease of use: The relaxed riding position and simple drivetrain of a beach cruiser bike make it a comfortable and user-friendly choice for riders of all skill levels.
  • Value aesthetics: They are known for their retro look and colorful and playful designs, making them a great choice for people who want a bike that looks as good as it rides.

Cruiser and Comfort Bikes from Bikes Online

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