Dirt Jump
Dirt Jump

Shred your local skate park or boost the local dirt jump set on our Dirt Jump/Slope Bikes Now.

Dirt Jump Bikes

There's nothing quite like the feeling of successfully landing a trick you've been practicing for so long. Your perseverance and talent will play a huge role in how the trick is going to play out, but it is also crucial to have a mean two-wheeled machine that will provide adequate support.

Ideal Rider. Riders who want to flip, spin or flow through the local jump track or skate park. Our dirt jump bikes are built tough so you don't have to worry when you case a huge gap or overshoot the landing when spinning a hip. All of our bikes are built to progress with your riding, no matter if it is your first time at the park or you are a pro on the world slopestyle circuit, our bikes can handle it.

Ideal Terrain. Dirt jump or slopestyle bikes are equipped with slick tires for maximum speed on the concrete or smooth dirt. More suspension often leads to less pop off a jump, so all of our dirt jumpers are equipped with 100mm of travel or less. Hardtail Dirt Jump bikes are a popular weapon of choice because they offer better pop off a jump, there is less to break and they are lighter. Dual suspension Dirt Jump bikes are often used in slopestyle riding.

Frames. Dirt Jump Bikes are generally constructed from alloy for its extreme durability. Alloy will dent instead of crack or snap when it impacts a sharp edge, so you won't have to worry when you throw your bike mid-air. These bikes are also designed to be affordable and simple for less fuss under stress.

Components. Dirt Jump Bikes are designed to be simple and fuss free with one gear, one brake and short travel forks. Gears are not needed as riders only pedal once or twice before dropping into the jumps and then use the landings to generate speed and maintain momentum from there. Forks are only on the bike to add comfort when there is a harsh landing. They are often very stiff, so they don't collapse under the G forces while landing or riding up a jump.

How They Ride. Our dirt jump mountain bikes are ready for anything you can throw at them. Super short chainstays give the bike a snappy feel that is easy to flick around. Lightweight frames and premium specifications mean our dirt jumpers are reliable while remaining perfect for spinning and popping off lips.

If you want to take your Dirt Jumping and Tricks to the next level, our range of dual-suspension Slopestyle bikes have you covered. They provide riders with just enough travel to aid riders when things go wrong (but not too wrong!) to soak up any pop on a jump. Ideal for those looking to go as big as possible.

Is a Dirt Jump Bike The Right Choice For You?

Dirt jump bikes resemble mountain bikes in design but usually come with a rigid frame and a lower standover height. As such, the seat is low enough to not get in the way when performing tricks. These bikes are made specifically for dirt jumping, but they also work very well at the skatepark and for most slopestyle applications. Dirt jump bikes are generally found as Hardtails, and suspension travel is typically 100mm or less. Dirt Jump Riders tend to have suspension settings very firm to prevent bottoming out while jumping. Single-speed gearing is a common choice for simplicity and ease of maintenance. Tires are generally 2.1-2.3-inches wide and are made to roll fast, so they don't have many knobs. The forks are designed for big and hard-hitting landings.

Fuel your adrenaline rush with dirt jumping. It takes mountain biking to the next level as you reach new heights and extremes. So, if you're looking for a thrilling ride, why not get yourself a dirt jumper?

Bikes Online offers a wide selection of the best dirt jump bikes to support you in all your jumps and tricks. Our dirt jumpers come from top-notch brands such as Polygon. Each bicycle offers various features, so you will definitely find something suitable for your needs.