Folding bikes are designed to fold into a very compact form, making the transport and storage a breeze. Therefore, being a convenient mode of transportation in a urban environment. When folded, the bike can be easily carried into buildings and houses

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are small bikes with 20-inch wheels that can fold up to a quarter of their rideable state. Folding bikes are light, efficient, and extremely fun to ride. Thanks to their ability to fold, they take up less room in your apartment and can easily fit into the boot of your car or under your desk. Perfect for city living and getting around town.

Ideal rider. Perfect for riders who zip around town and use their bike as a form of transportation while having limited space at home or in the car. Folding bikes are also optimal for folding up and taking on public transportation when needed. Simply unfold the bike in seconds and ride away from the bus, tram or train to your destination.

Ideal Terrain. Folding bikes love to zip through back streets, narrow alleyways, and city streets. Due to the smaller wheels, they aren't ideal for taking off-road. However, the extra challenge can lead to an exciting ride. Folding bikes are light enough to be carried yet, robust enough to take the abuse of daily commuting.

Frame material. Our folding bikes are constructed using a light 6061 alloy due to the material's durability and low cost versus weight ratio. Due to the folding function of these bikes, the Alloy needs to be strong to take a beating. Folding bikes are often carried on and off of public transport or up and down stairs, so they need to remain light. The frames also include integrated magnets to ensure the bike locks into place and won't spontaneously open while being carried.

Wheels. Folding bikes use small 20 inch wheels so they can fold up into the smallest package possible. Smaller wheels are also more robust thanks to less flex in the rims, and a shorter length spoke. Folding bikes are also known for their agile and zippy ride feel, mainly due to the smaller wheels accelerating faster and turning quickly with less rider input.

Brakes. When weaving through traffic or riding along the footpath, you need to make sure you can stop when needed. Polygon has equipped its folding bikes with disc brakes for premium power and supreme control. Hydraulic brakes don't just provide tons of power, but they provide excellent modulation and control, so you can slow down effectively without skidding.

Drivetrain. That big chainring on the front of a folding bike can look daunting but rest assured, the gearing is perfect for all types of riding. Due to the smaller wheels, a bigger front chainring is needed to achieve maximum speed. The nine-speed cassette and shifting ensure you have the perfect gear for any incline. You will enjoy smooth and easy shifting as you make your way through the streets.

Folding. Our folding bikes are designed to be collapsed or unfolded in seconds. With the flick of two levers, your bike will shrink down to a quarter of its size in no time. When you are ready to ride, you simply lift the handlebars back into place, fold the frame straight and close the levers. You are ready to ride again in under a minute.

Strolling around the city with a reliable bicycle that fits your lifestyle is one of the best ways to make your commute more eco-friendly and efficient, when you can bring your two-wheeler almost anywhere by it being foldable.

Bikes Online offers a wide selection of these innovative fold up bikes that can keep up with your daily adventures. They are a versatile and convenient option for those who want to ride a bike but have limited space for storage. Since you can easily fold them up, their portability makes them great to carry onto public transportation if you still need to commute.

Explore our vast range of these portable bicycles and learn more about the unique features that make them stand out from other types of bikes.

The Anatomy of a Folding Bike

If you're new to foldable bikes, let's start with the basics.

What makes them so attractive is their foldable and compact form and design. Unlike traditional bikes, fold up bikes have a unique mechanism in the center of the frame that allows them to be folded in half. Some models also have foldable handlebars and pedals, making them even more compact. Because of this outstanding feature, they are easier to transport and store—perfect for people living in small apartments or those who need portability in their daily commute.

Here are other features of a folding bike:

  • Tinier wheels: Since they usually come with 16 to 20-inch wheels, they fold up into the most compact package possible. Their tires maintain robustness thanks to less flex in the rims and the increased stability of a shorter wheelbase. Also, the smaller wheels and reduced weight enable you to accelerate and make your turns faster.
  • Lighter frame: They often have a lightweight frame made from aluminum, titanium, or carbon fiber. Ours are specifically constructed using a light 6061 alloy because of the material's durability and low cost versus weight ratio. The frames also have integrated magnets to keep the bike locked into place while carrying them.
  • Adjustable seat, handlebars, and kickstands: After unfolding your fold up bike, you can adjust the seat and handlebars to your preferred height for a more comfortable riding experience as you return on the road. Our models also have adjustable kickstands so you can park your bike on any surface without worrying about it tipping over.
  • Hydraulic brakes: Bikes Online prioritizes safety, so we feature bikes equipped with reliable stopping power and excellent modulation and control.

The Ideal Cyclist and Terrain

Ideal Rider

Folding bikes are perfect for those with limited storage space in their home or vehicle. They are also great for those who need to combine cycling with public transportation, such as commuters taking their bicycle on a train or bus. If you travel frequently and want to explore a new place on two wheels without renting or buying a full-sized bike, foldable bikes are an excellent choice. 

Overall, anyone needing a versatile, convenient, and portable mode of transportation will benefit from owning one.

Ideal Terrain

As for the terrain for which they are suitable, portable bikes provide easy and efficient riding in urban areas and flat surfaces. They are ideal for commuting, running errands, and short trips around the city. Because they have smaller wheel sizes and lightweight frames, they can be less stable and capable of handling rough terrain. Therefore, they are intended for something other than long-distance rides or challenging places like steep hills, rocky paths, or off-road trails. Although less common, some bikes have more robust frames and wider tires, making them suitable for light off-road adventures or touring on smooth roads.

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