Electric Mountain Bikes will get you to the top of bigger mountains, conquer more climbs and get you descending more

E-Mountain Bikes

Ideal Rider. Riders who have limited time but want to explore as much as they can in their free time love e-bikes. An E-Bike allows riders to pedal up hills faster and explore further. You can ride further due to less fatigue and ride a bigger travel bike without the downsides. If you want to ride more in less time, E-Bikes are perfect for you.

Ideal Terrain. E-Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, matching the genres described above. Because of the extra assistance, you can ride a bigger travel bike with less effort. So if you want to push your limits on more difficult trails while cruising up the climbs, an E-Bike is the solution.

The motor. Our Electric Mountain bikes have over 250 watts of power and up to 85nm of torque. Because of their power, our E-MTB bikes are only available in pedal assist. Using simple controllers linked to high-tech technology and displays, you can determine how much assistance you receive at the touch of a button. Like gears, you can select more assistance (up to 300 percent of your power) for the steep climbs, less assistance for the flats, and even turning off the bike on the descents can preserve battery life and ride further.

Batteries. E-Bike batteries are available in many sizes. The higher the number, the bigger the capacity and the further they can go on one charge. Batteries with bigger capacity are heavier and add weight. Some e-bikes run a smaller battery with a smaller motor to keep the weight down, so they don't drain the smaller battery as quickly. This style of E-Bike doesn't provide as much assistance and can be a little lackluster for those wanting to fly up the climbs.

Components. The componentry on E-mountain bikes is often bulkier and heavier to provide extra stiffness and durability under the excess weight of the E-Bike. The suspension has different tunes, so it doesn't blow through travel as quickly. Wheels are sturdier to cope with hitting obstacles harder, and brakes are more powerful so you can pull up faster and more safely.

Beginners Dream. E-Bikes can open the doors for many riders in the sport, providing more confidence, riding distance, and greater enjoyment. Suppose you are looking to take your riding to the next level, or you are getting back into it after a serious injury. Perhaps you're a beginner looking to keep up with more experienced mates or you just want to ride further in a shorter period of time. Whatever the reason, E-Bikes can help you to enjoy mountain biking.

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