Hybrid bikes are hugely popular with not only commuters but riders after a fitness exercise that are put off by the aggressive looks of a traditional road bike. Hybrid bikes mix Road Bike and Mountain Bike characteristics to create a bike that is nearly as efficient as a road bike on paved and unpaved roads, yet almost as comfortable and familiar as a mountain bike, with standard handlebars, plenty of gears and some even include a suspension fork.

Speed from Hybrid bikes comes from the wheels used for the bikes. With 29er or 700c wheels, these bikes roll very fast on paved roads, keep speed well and smooth out road vibration. Unlike road bikes, Hybrid Bikes feature significantly wider tires; this not only adds comfort to your ride but also grip while cornering and improved braking performance. These bikes generally come with an Aluminum frame to keep the weight down and Shimano gears, known for their durability and easy maintenance.


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