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Fitness & Urban

Fitness bikes are perfect for those looking to get fit and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

Fitness & Urban Bikes

Ideal rider. Our fitness and urban bikes are built for riders who want to ride in the cities along sealed paths and use their bike as a major form of transportation. Riders looking for efficiency, agility and who like to zip around town will thrive on our city bikes.

Ideal Terrain. Although our city bikes are optimized for speed and efficiency while on the sealed tarmac, they are built to take the abuse from rougher roads, higher volume tires partnered with stronger wheels ensure extra comfort on less than ideal or unsealed roads. Our bikes are even up to the challenge of skipping up gutters or over potholes when needed.

Frames. Fitness and urban bikes are often manufactured using alloy frames as they are robust yet light. Our bikes are designed to be light and agile so riders can enjoy the ride. However, that doesn't mean you will be low and uncomfortable. We ensure that all our bikes will keep you in a comfortable position.

Brakes. Our fitness and urban bikes are equipped with disc brakes to provide supreme braking performance whether you are weaving through traffic or descending your favorite hill on the weekend. Disc brakes are superior in power, modulation and require less maintenance. It was a no-brainer to put them on all of our bikes.

Tires. Our fitness bikes have 35-40mm wide tires for premium comfort. The tires are semi-slick, so you have reduced rolling resistance in a straight line for maximum efficiency yet excellent grip in the corners. Our fitness bikes also use reinforced tires for a decreased risk of puncturing when out on a ride. We want you to enjoy the ride as much as possible for as long as possible.

Drivetrain. Fitness bikes often use two or three gears at the front with up to nine on the rear. The ratios are designed to provide you with the perfect gear for climbing with ease while allowing you to achieve maximum speed on the way back down.

An urban bike can be your ticket to a healthier, more active lifestyle in the urban jungle. Its practical design, sturdy construction, and versatile features offer a reliable solution if you prioritize efficiency, agility, and the convenience of zipping around town. Discover the benefits of urban biking – explore our selection of fitness and urban bikes at BikesOnline and enjoy a super-fun way to stay fit.

Explore the Streets Easily on Urban Bikes from BikesOnline

Fitness and urban bikes are tailored for riders navigating city streets and sealed paths. Designed to balance practicality and performance, they come with a number of perks that make them stand out from traditional road bikes:

  • Commuter-friendly design: Urban bikes are tailored for daily travel, featuring a comfortable and upright riding position. This design not only enhances visibility in traffic but also minimizes strain on the back and neck, making your daily commute a breeze.
  • Sturdy frame: Unlike slimmed-down road bikes, urban bikes boast sturdy frames that can handle the rigors of city streets. The robust construction provides durability, ensuring your bike can withstand the demands of urban environments without compromising on comfort. 
  • Multi-speed gearing: Urban fitness bikes feature two or three gears at the front and up to nine at the rear. This versatility allows riders to easily adapt to varying terrains, from smooth city streets to challenging hills, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride. 
  • Flexible tire design: The tires on urban bikes strike a balance between efficiency and comfort. With a 35-40mm width that is wider than road bike tires but narrower than mountain bike tires, they provide stability, traction, and the ability to handle diverse metro surfaces. Plus, the semi-slick design reduces rolling resistance for maximum efficiency in a straight line while offering excellent corner grip. 
  • Superior stopping power: Equipped with disc brakes, fitness urban bikes deliver supreme braking performance. Whether weaving through traffic or descending weekend hills, disc brakes offer better control and flexibility and require less maintenance.

Choosing the Best Urban Bike for You

To find the best urban fitness bike for you, you'll need to assess your commuting requirements, such as distance, terrain, and storage options. Determine the primary use of the bike. Is it for daily commuting, weekend fitness rides, or a combination of both?

When you know the answer, consider the following aspects:

  • Frame size: Ensure the bike's frame size corresponds to your height for a comfortable and efficient riding experience.
  • Gearing system: Choose an urban bike with a drivetrain that suits your local terrain and riding preferences.
  • Frame material: Urban bikes typically come with aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber frames. Aluminum is lightweight and durable, steel provides a smooth ride but can be heavier, while carbon fiber offers a balance of lightness and strength.
  • Tires: Consider tire width and tread pattern. Wider tires (35-40mm) provide more comfort and stability, while a semi-slick tread balances efficiency with grip on smooth and rough surfaces.
  • Weight: Lighter bikes are generally easier to maneuver, especially in urban settings where you may need to navigate through traffic or carry the bike upstairs.
  • Handlebars: Choose handlebars that suit your riding style. Flat bars provide an upright position and better control in traffic, while drop bars offer a more aerodynamic position suitable for longer rides.
  • Brands: At BikesOnline, we supply only the best urban fitness bikes from leading brands like Polygon and Marin. Polygon offers affordable options, and both brands come factory-direct to reduce the cost. 

To enhance your urban cycling experience, consider investing in convenient accessories like cycling gloves. Clothing like cycling jerseys and bike shorts can complete the look, providing optimal thermoregulation and breathability during warm-day rides. To protect your head in case of accidents, a quality cycling helmet for safety and security parking locks are non-negotiable items. Additionally, if you have any questions about our urban bike range or need help choosing, our knowledgeable staff is on hand to provide personalized advice based on your preferences and requirements.

BikesOnline: Your Destination for Urban Biking Essentials

For a convenient and reliable shopping experience, we at BikesOnline offer an extensive collection of the best urban bikes, accessories, and clothing at competitive prices. With our direct shipping from manufacturers, all savings go to you. You can also benefit from our fast shipping across America and a 30-day return policy. Shop our selection today and take your new urban bike out on the road sooner.