Aimed at thrill seekers and all adventurous type riders, dual suspension mountain bikes are, more often than not, your best option to tick off an incredible ride deep in the mountains with tons of good times. You can easily identify these bikes based on the more aggressive look, and the rear sprung tail of the bike, which moves and adapts to the terrain you’re riding in, absorbing much of the impacts and tracking the ground efficiently for optimal traction up, down or sideways.

Dual suspension mountain bikes come in many different types and travel options. Travel refers to the distance the wheel can move when you hit an obstacle. Travel is often measured in millimeters and fairly consistent with other options you might find in the market. XC bikes feature 100 to 120mm of travel, Trail and Enduro bikes come with 140 to 160mm of travel, and downhill bikes boast up to 203mm of travel.

Generally speaking, the more travel you have, the heavier and harder to cycle uphill the bike becomes. When purchasing a new dual suspension mountain bike, it pays to do your research into what trails you will be riding in and get the least amount of travel you can get. This way you get a bike that rides efficiently on the conditions you will be riding in, and every ride will be an exciting one.


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