Polygon Premier Ultralight Kids Bike Review

Polygon Premier Ultralight kids bikes provide amazing quality and performance for their price. In fact, after testing out over fifty different 20 and 24 inch bikes over the years, we can honestly say Polygon Premiers are the BEST bikes you can buy under $450.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly neighborhood bike or a multi-use bike for paved or basic dirt trails, go for the Polygon Premier. Whether your child is a timid rider or an aggressive rider, go for the Polygon Premier! Yes, they are that good for their price. The value you get with a Polygon is simply unmatched in the current mid-range kids’ bike market.

Polygon Premier Ultralight Overview


RATING: Highly Recommended

MSRP: 20 inch: $299; 24 inch: $349

BEST FOR: Neighborhood or aggressive riders on paved or mild dirt

SEAT HEIGHT:  20 inch: 21.25″ – 27.25″; 24 inch: 25.5″ – 31.5″

WEIGHT:  20 inch: 20.75 lb.; 24 inch: 23.1 lb. (w/ kickstand, pedals and derailleur cage)

GEARS: 7-speed with Shimano Tourney Grip

BRAKES: Dual Hand Brakes


FRAME: Aluminum Alloy

GAIN RATIO: 20 inch: 2.7 – 5.3; 24 inch: 2.4 – 4.9

TIRE SIZE: 20″ x 2.1″, 24″ x 1.75″

WHEELBASE: 20 inch: 892mm; 24 inch: 988 mm




  • Budget-friendly price tag with free shipping
  • Modern graphics on a lightweight aluminum frame
  • Low minimum seat height
  • Easy to assemble and all bikes are quality checked before shipping
  • Comes with derailleur cage and kickstand
  • 1.75″ wide all-terrain Kenda tires


  • Only available in two color options
  • Shimano Tourney shifter can be hard to use for some kids

Polygon Kids Bikes Review – Results of our Test Rides

Although new to the US, Polygon Bikes have been around for over 30 years and are quite well known overseas. Polygon Bikes is based out of Indonesia and is one of the few bike manufacturers that actually own their own manufacturing facilities. As a result, they are able to sell factory direct and offer quality bikes at a lower price point.

We received a 20 and a 24 inch Polygon Premier Ultralight from BikesOnline.com (the exclusive distributor of Polygon bikes in the US – they only sell Polygon) and our 8 and 9-year-old testers quickly and eagerly went to work putting them to the test.

What type of rider is the Polygon Premier Ultralight best for?

As a well-rounded bike, the Polygon performs great as a neighborhood bike on mainly paved surfaces, but also performs just as well as a multi-use bike for all-terrain riding. With a semi-upright position that allows kids to sit up for everyday rides around the neighborhood, or aggressively lean into jumps or steep inclines, the Premier is very versatile.

Compared to other mid-range bikes (and even some high-end bikes), the Premier is also pretty lightweight, which is a huge win for all types of riders and riding styles.

There are pros and cons to using the Polygon for each riding style, but considering its price point, it’s a great contender compared to other bikes on the market.

Polygon Premier as a Neighborhood Bike

For around the neighborhood, a lightweight bike with smooth-rolling tires and a semi-upright body position is ideal, but certainly not necessary. Like most kids’ bikes, the Polygon’s tires are multi-use to allow kids to ride on a wide variety of surfaces. Multi-use tires the best of both worlds as they roll smooth enough on paved surfaces, yet still have plenty of traction for use on dirt.

Here’s how the Polygon compares to the 20 inch Priority Start and Guardian Ethos, two of our favorite neighborhood bikes. For the price, the Polygon is close in weight (or lighter than) the others and also offers more gears.

What size Polygon Kids Bike is best for my child?

The Polygon Premier Ultralight is currently only offered in 20″ and 24″ wheel sizes and is their most affordable kids bike model.

Polygon Premier 20: The Polygon 20 inch has a seat height range of 21.25″ – 27.25″, making it ideal for an experienced rider with at least a 19″ inseam, or a new rider with an inseam of 21″.

Our 7-year-old tester with a 24″ inseam was a great fit on the Polygon 20 inch, but even though the seat height maxes out at 27.25″, he was certainly on the taller end of the bike. As a result, the Polygon 24 inch is likely a better fit for kids with inseams over 24″.

Polygon Premier 24: The Polygon 24 inch has a seat height range of 25.5″ – 31.5″, making it a best fit for kids with at least a 23.5″ inseam. Our 9-year-old with a 25″ inseam felt right at home on the 24″ Polygon with plenty of room left to grow.

Performance and Ride Quality

We put the Polygon to the test around our neighborhood on paved trails and basic dirt paths. On both types of terrain, the Polygon didn’t skip a beat and was an instant hit with our kid bike testers. From shifting to braking, the Premier provided a top-notch performance.

While the gain ratio of the Polygon is pretty narrow in range (neither bikes have a really high or low gear), its 7 gears provided plenty of power to get up mild hills as well as easily power up rolling dirt paths, jumps, or pump tracks with ease.

The Polygon kids bikes’ lightweight frame also makes it easy to pop up jumps or even bunny hop over the cracks in the sidewalk. For around the neighborhood, the Polygon certainly isn’t short on fun.

With 1.75″ Kenda all-terrain wide tire on both the 20″ and 24″, the tires provide enough traction for compact dirt trails without being loud or rough on paved trails. We took the Polygon on basic local trails and our tester happily rode the Polygon up and down any hill or jump he could find without any concerns.

The v-brakes provide plenty of stopping power with minimal effort. In fact, during one of our rides, our 9-year-old tester wasn’t paying attention and almost rode off a short walking bridge and into a water canal. Luckily he caught himself just in time and the brakes stopped the bike quickly to which he declared, “These brakes are powerful!”

Bike Geometry

With a semi-upright body positioning, the Polygon Premier offers the perfect setup for kids who love cruising around the neighborhood but are also more than happy to tackle front yard ramps or homemade dirt bike jumps.

Not too upright, which is preferred by timid or new riders, yet not too aggressive, which is preferred by really aggressive riders, the Polygon offers a happy in between. It’s a great all-around geometry.

Read the full review here.


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