A Video from Polygon Bikes on how Anthony Messere Rediscovers his Mojo in 'Resurgence'

Building upon a decade of competing at the highest level of freeride and slopestyle competitions around the world, Anthony Messere’s riding career is undergoing a resurgence; still boosting to the moon off a left hip, but to a new level of enjoyment and creativity aboard Polygon Bikes.


“After focusing so heavily on competition for over ten years, spending a lot of time dialing in the same tricks over and over, on the same bike for a majority of the year, I lost that sense of the creativity a bike gives you in the first place. It became tunnel vision and, in some ways, I felt my riding suffered because of this.” - Anthony Messere

Anthony’s fresh focus will see him returning to his roots. Riding all sorts of mountain bikes and making creative content to inspire others to get on their bike and progress their own riding.

Anthony had the flair to fakie locked, but that run out...

Clearly, Anthony’s not ditching his dirt jumper! While Polygon is best known for its history in downhill racing and big mountain freeride, the Trid DJ and Slopestyle models were a key factor in his decision to partner with Polygon.

“Coming from a slopestyle background, It’s important to me that Polygon had a connection with it. If they didn’t have a slope/hardtail I loved, or interest in improving upon, it would be a hard relationship to have. On the flip side, they make a variety of rad bikes for all types of riding which I felt was important for me to expand myself and express my riding abilities..” - Anthony Messere

Wear a helmet, kids. When 3-inverts buzz.

Nic Genovese capturing that golden hour goodness

A-team support. L-R: Max Langille, Paul Genovese, Bosley, Dustin Gilding.

In addition to his TRID hardtail and TRID ZZ slopestyle bikes, Anthony’s quiver contains the Siskiu T8 trail bike, Siskiu N9 enduro/park bike and the Mt Bromo N8 e-MTB.

“I’ve been having a blast on the Siskiu N9. I went with the small 27.5 for a short, playful bike; front brake hose through the steerer tube for bar spins to make the ultimate park bike.” - Anthony Messere

Anthony's Trid and Siskiu N9

Anthony's Trid ZZ and SISKIU T8

Polygon’s Brand Manager for North America, Dave Musgrove, has been a Messere fan since watching him launch into the slopestyle scene as a 15-year-old, landing on the podium at the 2011 Whistler Crankworx Joyride.

Anthony’s steez has always inspired me. Working together with Nic and Aaron at Mind Spark Cinema to launch Anthony’s Resurgence is a milestone moment for Polygon and myself. But this is just the beginning; we can’t wait to reveal what else is in the works with Anthony’s content plus future bike models where Anthony’s extensive experience and extreme requirements will be fundamental in the development process.—Dave Musgrove, Polygon Bikes

Rider: Anthony Messere
Video: Nic Genovese and Aaron LaRocque, Mind Spark Cinema
Photos: Toby Cowley
Dirt Shaper: Dustin Gilding, Loft Bike Parks

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