The Five (5) Essential Tools To Take on A Gravel Ride

Gravel bikes amplify your sense of adventure and allow you to take the less beaten path to no specific destination. Exploranly objective of a gravel ride, and you will sometimes find yourself miles away from any supplies. That is why we have compiled this list of essential tools so you can keep riding, no matter what the situation. 


Most gravel bikes are equipped with a tubeless tyre set up. This means that the tyre is inflated directly without a tube inside. There is a latex sealant that sloshes around in the tyre and seals small holes in the tyre. However, when the tyre gets a decent cut, the sealant won't be able to seal the tytion is the ore; that's when the tyre plug saves your day.


A simple, rugged, rad way to repair your tubeless tire. Just find the puncture, align the tool, push into the puncture, pull out, and the plug stays in place. Now you're ready to get back to shredding! Dynaplugg is moulded of Glass-Filled Nylon. Even though it weighs only 35 grams, this tool is extremely strong. The push-on silicone end cap can store an extra insertion tube and seals the interior storage compartment.





Multi Tool

The multi-tool is small, but it can save you in a big way. Getting the right tool with the ideal attachments can save any ride at any point. You want to ensure that the tool you get fits most bolts or screws on your bike. Usually, we recommend 4,5 and 6 mm Allen keys, a t25 Torx key, a flat head screwdriver and a chain breaker if possible.

We recommend the Topeak Mini P20 as it has almost everything you need in a pinch. There is no situation that the P20 can't get you out of. Broken chain, mis-shifting gears, or you need to cut something out of spokes. The p20 will make the job easy..

The 20 function pro-quality, a precision mini-tool with a sleek forged alloy body. Integrated chain tool with built-in master link tool for removing master link type chains folds away for a streamlined profile. Compact forged alloy body. Perfect for any road or trailside repair.



       Topeak Power Lever


The power levers are a small piece of amazing technology. Not only do they help you get a tyre off, but they act as quick link pliers. They give you more leverage on the link than any multi-tool, leading to less stress on the side of a road. Match these with a good multi-tool, and fixing a broken chain will be easy.

An ingenious, lightweight, multi-function tool! Two levers connect to form power link pliers for removing or installing a chain’s master link. Power Lever easily separates into two pieces for use as two tire levers. Integrated chain hook holds chain steady while removing or installing master link.





                        Topeak Mountain TT Twin Turbo

Most gravel bikes come with higher volume tyres that require more air to inflate them. Traditional bike pumps are smaller and can take time and effort to increase the tyre. The Topeak Mountain TT pump takes less time and effort, getting you back on your bike enjoying the ride in no time.

Mountain TT Twin Turbo pump fills both large volume fat bike tires and higher pressure MTB tires and gravel, touring, and trekking bike tires with ease. TwinTurbo technology uses both strokes to compress air to deliver the high-pressure output and saves time and effort. Integrated dust cap keeps pump head clean, and thumb lock lever insures air-tight seal.




Topeak Fuel Tank

When you spend hours in the saddle pedalling through the unknown, you need to keep fueled up. It is important to have somewhere to hold your muesli bars, fruit or energy gels. The Topeak Fuel Tank attaches to the top tube behind your stem. The perfect place to access food, tools, or your food while riding.

Large capacity top tube mounted bag giving cyclists quick and easy access to energy bars, phone, wallet, tools or any small essential gear they need close at hand. Features battery cable access for charging a mobile device.



                             Entity SB30 Saddle Bag - Large

You don’t want to fill your fuel tank with tools and tubes. The Entity Saddle Bag is perfect for keeping your spare tube and tools that you won’t need regularly. Keeping spare parts away from your food yet, safe under your saddle.

The Entity SB30 Saddle Bag is the larger version of the popular SB15, now with extra capacity to carry not only essential tools and a spare tube but also your wallet or energy bars to fuel your ride, all under your saddle. The 0.8-litre saddle bag is made of a tough and water-resistant fabric that keeps your contents clean and dry. Outside, a reflective band improves visibility on the road and allows you to clip a rear light to it. The SB30 clamps onto the saddle via 3 independent, tool-free hook and loop straps designed to stop the saddlebag from swaying when you go on a hard sprint.


Bonus kit: Entity Inner Tube 700x32-48c PV

Spare tubes are essential to carry every time you go on a bike ride. If your sealant fails, you have run out of tyre plugs, and there is no other way to get home. A spare tube will get you home. Be prepared and ensure you stay on the road with some spare tubes from Entity.


Those accessories and tools should be enough to keep you riding safer and longer. We recommend that you get as much as possible to ensure you are never stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

If you are new to gravel riding or interested in purchasing your first gravel bike. Check out our range with the link below:





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