*Terms and Conditions

  1. If the promo credit is not fully used during the purchase, it CANNOT be used later in other purchases.

  2. The customer must pay surpassing costs if the promo items added to the cart exceed our designated gift amount for each participating bike.

  3. In the case of bike return, all Gifted items must also be returned as new. If not returned, we will deduct the item price from the bike reimbursement.

  4. Participating bikes: Polygon Siskiu T8 - $200 worth of selected gifts; Polygon Siskiu D7 - $100 worth of selected gifts; Polygon Collosus N7 - $200 Gifts.

  5. The promotion ends on Dec 3rd, and products are subject to availability.

  6. This promotion can't be used with other coupon codes.