Bikes Online carry a great range of Mountain Bikes with 29-inch wheels, the massively popular bigger size wheel that promises greater speed, better traction and enhanced comfort over rougher trails. 29-inch wheel Mountain Bikes got their name due to the larger wheel size, and are available in hardtails and dual suspension bikes from Polygon Bikes. With a larger wheel, more of your tire is in contact with the ground, giving you more traction overall. The larger wheel diameter will also make it easier to sustain speed, as the centrifugal energy created by the wheels spinning retains more momentum than smaller wheels.
29-inch wheels, or 29ers as most riders call them, are best for flowing trails, or longer rides where speed is paramount. For technical trails, 29ers might feel a bit too big, sluggish at times, making it harder to go around obstacles. If you’re riding in trails like these, you might be better off with the smaller 27.5inch mountain bikes we have available.

When purchasing a new mountain bike, it is important to understand the difference between wheels sizes and how that translates into real-world riding. If you’re still not sure which wheel size is best for you, feel free to reach out to our customer service team, and we will make sure you get the right bike for you! Bikes Online offer Free Shipping to lower 48 states, and a Free 14-Days Bike Returns so you can make sure your next bike is the perfect bike.