At BikesOnlines we’re on a never ending quest to find you the highest quality and best value products in cycling.

We're stoked to announce we've partnered with Superior Bikes, bringing their collection of lightweight, high-performance machines to American riders! Built for speed, comfort, and clean design, Superior bikes are your perfect companion for conquering mountain trails, hitting the open road, or cruising around town.

Imagine breezing up hills and carving through corners with minimal effort, thanks to Superior's unmatched performance and lightweight, high-quality carbon frames. Select models come equipped with groundbreaking new Bosch motors, industry leaders in power and range. Conquering tough terrain and extending your rides further than ever before becomes effortless with a little extra electrical muscle.

Superior's commitment to clean design goes beyond aesthetics. Internally routed cabling creates a sleek look that reduces drag and simplifies maintenance. Your bike will not only turn heads but those clean lines will help you slice through the wind and make upkeep a breeze. Take control of your ride with top-spec'd Di2 electronic shifting, ensuring smooth and precise gear changes at the touch of a button. Focus on the ride and the scenery, not on wrestling with your gears – Di2 electronic shifting anticipates your needs, delivering the perfect gear every time.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting your cycling journey, Superior has the perfect bike to help you achieve your riding goals and create unforgettable cycling experiences. Get ready to feel SUPERIOR!