Siskiu T: Weekend ride vibes

Siskiu T: Weekend ride vibes
‘T’ is for trail, and trails were designed with the Sisk-yiewww in mind. The Polygon Siskiu T is a versatile all-round trail bike that was built for weekends away with friends.
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    A fun, capable bike
    The Siskiu is probably the best looking bike on test. It’ll make an excellent all-rounder for someone that loves rough terrain.
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    A well Spec’d bike
    The Polygon Siskiu T series bikes are some of the best looking, affordable dual suspension mountain bikes on the market.
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    Modern geometry
    Geometry is on point for trail riding; frame is future-proof and ready for upgrades; decent tyres for getting rowdy; capable suspension; 1x12 gears.
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    Feels really stable
    Thanks to the thoroughly modern geometry and sizing, the Siskiu T8 is a bike that can be ridden hard straight from the get go. It's one of the best budget mountain bikes out there.
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    Exceptionally capable
    Polygon has done a remarkable job pairing such a capable build kit with a tough alloy frame and contemporary geometry.
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    Competent climber
    It performs well in tight, technical terrain and long, steep grinds. The quality component spec, specifically the drivetrain, and tyres, helps bolster its solid climbing performance.
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    TESTED: 2024 Polygon Siskiu T6 Trail Bike
    The ride quality and handling is far beyond what you may expect for the price-point. You'd easily think you were riding a bike worth a lot more.
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  • 5 stars Worth every penny!
    "I love this bike!! Been riding mine now for about 5 months and couldn't be happier. Most of the bikes I was looking at with similar options were twice the cost."
    Jeff K.
    United States
  • 5 stars Great bike, easy setup!
    "The T8 shipped fast, was packed beautifully, easy to put together and rides really well! The components all function very well and the bike was setup nicely from the factory. This is the absolute best value out there for a full suspension bike with these components."
    United States
  • 5 stars Money does buy happiness!
    "Light and very playful!! Still very capable of handling everything you throw at it! From your local trail to the bike park! You get an awesome bike for the price."
    Jesus Z.
    United States
  • 5 stars Holy Wow! Great bike!!
    "I took a few minutes to the read the shock settings and setup the bike correctly. It RIPS. Very comfortable and feels great. Climbs well. Slightly heavy wheels, but whatever... love it."
    Lawrence K.
    United States
  • 5 stars Amazing bike and value that is hard to beat.
    "Have previously been riding a hardtail and since switching over to the T8 I've noticed a huge difference in my trail experience from the first ride. Very good investment and would highly recommend."
    Awesome B
    United States

The T6 is the base model out of the Polygon Siskiu T series - spec’d to be capable, right out of the box. Coming with reliable components and the same ALX alloy frame as its older siblings, this trail tamer is perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their hardtail, beginner mountain bikers, or those who want a trail bike that doesn’t break the bank. Compared to the T7 (the next tier up), the T6 has the same fork(RockShox Recon Silver RL), but different brakes (2-piston vs 4-piston), rear shock (X-Fusion O2 PRO vs RockShox Deluxe Select Plus), and drivetrain (10 vs 12-Speed Deore).


TheT7 is the intermediate model out of the Polygon Siskiu T series - spec’d with slightly better components compared to the T6; although, it still shares the same fork and ALX alloy frame (frame is the same on all models). This hard-hitter is perfect for those who want to take it a step up from the T6. Other than coming with the same fork (RockShox Recon Silver RL), the T7 is equipped with mid-tier brakes (4-piston vs 2-piston), rear shock (RockShox Deluxe Select Plus vs X-Fusion O2 PRO), and drivetrain (12-Speed Deore vs 10-Speed Deore).


The T8 is our best selling trail bike - spec’d with higher end components relative to the T7; however, still has the same ALX alloy frame as the rest. If you’re someone who is looking for more premium components straight out of the box, the T8 is an excellent choice. With a complete component upgrade from the T7, the T8 comes with even better brakes (4-piston F/R vs 4/2-piston F/R), rear shock (Fox Float DPS vs RockShox Deluxe Select Plus), and drivetrain (12-Speed SLX vs 12-Speed Deore).

Top Tier

The T9 is the top dog in the T lineup. Spec’d with ultra high-end components and the same ALX alloy frame as the rest, you’ll soon be wondering if you’ll ever need another MTB again. If you’re someone who is performance oriented and wants the creme de la creme, this trail demon is a big step up from the T8. From the stiff and light 36 performance elite fork to the podium producing X2 rear shock, buttery smooth XT drivetrain, and hard-hitting TRP 4-piston brakes, you’ll be kitted out with the best.

Going down steeper terrain?
Shop Collosus N

Designed around our Wheel Fit Size System, the Siskiu T features 29”wheels on LG & XL frame sizes, MD sizes offering the choice of 29” or 27.5” and SM sizes being optimized around the agility of 27.5” only 29” models feature 135mm of rear travel with 140mm forks whilst 27.5” bikes have 140mm in the rear with 150mm up front. Seat tubes have been significantly shortened to allow for 150mm dropper posts on SM and MD frame, 170mm on LG and XL.

  • 01 - Stable
    Given a healthy dose of slack (65-degree head angle), the T will have you feeling confident on the descents - maintaining high-speed stability when the trails get hairy.
  • 02 - Confident
    Coming with a longer 460mm reach (size: M), the Siskiu builds on the MTB mantra 'long and slack'. You'll get that added stability as you bang it down those chunky descents.
  • 03 Efficient
    With the steep 76.7 degree seat tube angle, you'll be more centred over the bike, which improves the climbing efficiency whilst enhancing the handling on those steep pinches.
  • 04 - Playful
    With the short 425mm chainstay, the Siskiu T is fun and playful - allowing you to flick it out of corners and manoeuvre tech sections with ease.
Siskiu T6
Siskiu T7
Siskiu T8
Siskiu T9
Steel charcoal gloss
Blue green
Golden black
Charcoal black
Purple black
Forest green black
Bike Type Trail Trail Trail Trail
Frame ALX Trail ALX Trail ALX Trail ALX Trail
Fork RockShox Recon Silver RL RockShox Recon Silver RL Fox Rhythm 34 Fox 36 Performance Elite
Rear Shock X-Fusion O2 PRO R RockShox Deluxe Select Plus Fox Float DPS Fox Float X Performance
Drivetrain 1x10 Speed Shimano Deore 1x12 Speed Shimano Deore 1x12 Speed Shimano SLX 1x12 Speed Shimano XT
Brakes Shimano MT-201 (F/R: 180mm) 2-piston calipers (F/R) Tektro HD-M735 (F/R: 180mm) 4/2-piston calipers (F/R) Shimano MT-420 (F/R: 180mm) 4-piston calipers (F/R) TRP DHR EVO (F/R: 180mm) 4-piston calipers (F/R)
Wheel Size 27.5/29" 27.5/29" 27.5/29" 27.5/29"
Seat Post Dropper Dropper Dropper Dropper
Price $1499 $2699
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Is the Polygon Siskiu T good?

With over 1500+ positive buyer reviews and numerous industry reviews raving about punching well above its weight, the Polygon Siskiu T is changing the industry standard.

What type of bike is the Polygon Siskiu T?

The Polygon Siskiu T is a versatile all-round trail bike. This particular dual suspension mountain bike features 140-150mm up front and 135-140mm in the rear (depending on the size). With a 65 degree head tube angle and a short 425mm chainstay, the T is nimble enough for technical terrain and slack enough for moderately chunky descents.

Can the front fork have its travel lengthened?

Yes, but only by 10mm. Any more and the additional forces on the head tube and frame can cause a frame failure.

Can I fit a coil shock?

Yes, but the frame’s suspension is not designed to work with a coil spring’s characteristics; thus, it will not feel supportive or work well past 50% travel stroke.

What is the widest tyre/tire that fits on this frame?

2.5 - 2.6” is the largest. Please keep in mind that a rear tyre that is too large can make cornering less efficient and can bring a squirmy feeling.

What are the weights of the Siskiu T bikes?
  • The T6 is approximately 16.7kg - 36.8lbs
  • The T7 is approximately 16kg - 35.2lbs
  • The T8 is approximately 15.8kg - 34.8lbs
  • The T9 is approximately 16.1kg - 35.5lbs
What size are the dropper posts for the Siskiu T?

Seat tubes on the whole range have been significantly shortened to allow for 150mm dropper posts on SM and MD frames, and 170mm on LG and XL.

What is the difference between the Siskiu T and Collosus N?

The Siskiu T is a trail bike and the Collosus N is an Enduro bike. The T is designed to be more versatile (lighter, not as slack, and shorter), whereas the Collosus N is heavier, more slack, and longer - providing you with enhanced stability on gnarlier (steeper & chunkier) terrain.