BMX, Dirt Jump or Slopestyle bikes, call them what you want, but these unconventional bikes tend to spend more time flying through the air than actually being pedaled. BMX bikes are usually known for the small wheels, peculiar raised handlebar, and small frame. These bikes are designed to be flicked around skate parks, streets, and the odd obstacle course. Due to the size and type of components, these bikes are not meant to be pedaled, as the saddle and pedals are almost at the same height, making it nearly impossible to sit and pedal.

Dirt Jump Bikes, or DJ for short, almost look like a normal mountain bike, with regular size wheels and a frame slightly shorter and lower than your typical mountain bike. These bikes are used in man-made jumps, mostly dirt, but some jumps can be made of wooden planks or cemented. Dirt Jump bikes feature a front suspension, but it’s set up very hard, unlike the suspension forks on normal mountain bikes. The suspension fork works like a big hit softner on big jumps and bad landings. Dirt Jump bikes usually come with a single-speed drivetrain and disc brakes. As with BMX bikes, DJ bikes are not meant to be pedaled.

Lastly, we have Slopestyle bikes. These are used similarly to dirt jump bikes but are more advanced and usually are designed for much bigger jumps, where landings are hard and using the suspension compression helps you keeping the bike under control the moments right after you hit a massive double. Like the two bikes above, this is not a bike you’d want to pedal for a long period, due to the position of the saddle relative to the pedals.

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