Flatbar / Commuter Road Bikes








Flat Bar road bikes mix the best of 2 worlds and create a bike that is as fast as a full-fledged road bike, with the familiarity and riding position of a standard mountain bike. You might be mistaken to think this is just a road bike with a straight handlebar instead of the traditional road bar shaped like ram’s horns. These bikes are designed from the ground up considering all the small nuances that make these a true winner for fast commuters or fitness riders who are not obsessed by aerodynamic marginal gains.

With skinny tires, big gears, and an efficient cycling geometry, the Flat Bar Road Bike is very fast on paved roads, matching the speed and performance of normal roads bikes. The hidden feature in these bikes comes from the shorter top tube which paired with the flatbar, raises your eyesight significantly higher, enabling you to see over cars’ roofs and be more pro-active about your on-road safety.

Flat Bar road bikes come in rim or disc brake option to suit every rider needs. Rim brakes derive from road bikes and are more than enough for the fair weather commuter. Easy to set up, easy to service, and reliable enough. New models of flat bar road bikes are fitted with disc brakes. These originated from mountain bikes and have several features that might appeal to the hardcore commuter. Disc brakes have consistent brake performance regardless of the weather conditions. Another benefit of disc brakes is being a separate unit from the rim; this comes in handy if you have an accident and your rim becomes buckled, as the brakes won’t stop the wheel trying to move.


Flat Bar Road Bikes are great for commuters and fitness riders alike, with great performance to be had and extra comfort compared to standard road bikes. If you’re looking for something that feels familiar but wants to harness the speed of road bikes, then look no further than these bikes.


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